Decision to buy your own home

Determination of the characteristics of the searched property

The characteristics of a property are numerous and require careful consideration. You need to know which are the features you will not compromise with and those that are not so important to you. The main ones are: area, location, area, floor plan, type of construction, exposure, internal layout, panorama, surrounding infrastructure and others.

Finding funds to finance the purchase

The funds to buy are another very important condition to get the desired property. The options are well known - savings, funds from the sale of other assets, bank lending, borrowed funds from non-financial institutions, etc.

Viewings and property selection

Arranging viewings seems to be one of the easiest moments when buying a property Potential buyers have at their disposal not a few sources of information about the properties available on the market - newspapers, magazines, specialized websites, etc. You should know that only a fraction of all properties on offer are advertised in the media.

Conducting commercial negotiations

In order to achieve the terms you want, which differ from the original offer but are negotiable (price reduction, payment rescheduling, etc.), you need to have good negotiation skills to protect your interest.

Preliminary Purchase and Sale Agreement

Once all the terms have been agreed, a preliminary contract between the buyer and the seller follows, setting out the rights and obligations of the

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